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New custom field

During installation process, new custom field is added to your JIRA instance. 

New After installation process new position Template issue is available on Custom fields list like on picture below after installation process.

This custom field can be added to any create and edit screens where users could should have possibility to tick JIRA issue as a template.


Adding Template Issue custom field to your screens is not mandatory.

will work without this but is highly recommended to use it.

If you add this field to your screens, you will be able to filter templates and production issues in easy way.

Template creation

Template is composed of:

  • One Epic issue,
  • sub-tasks in the Epic,
  • Any issues of any types linked to the Epic (relation “Epic link”),
  • Any sub-tasks in the Epic,Any sub-tasks in issues linked to the Epiclinked issues.

Example of Epic template looks like below:


To create issues linked to Epic you can use any issues type you have configured in your JIRA instance.

Issues in Epic can belong to any JIRA projects crated in your JIRA instance.

How Description how to create Epic and link issues with epic Issues in Epic you can find on Atlassian Jira Epics Tutorial.

More about sub-tasks you can read on Atlassian support page.